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Gloucester Rugby support Rugby against Racism campaign


13 August 2020

Tim Rogers


Gloucester Rugby stands firmly against racism, discrimination and hatred of any kind. Equality and inclusion are at the heart of everything we do as a Club, and for that, we are proud.

As we approach the restart of Gallagher Premiership Rugby, each Club will take a moment to acknowledge the importance of equality in everyday society, as Rugby unites against racism.

On behalf of the Gloucester Rugby squad, we issue statement below.

“As Gloucester Rugby Players and active members of society we would like to release the following statement.

“We are united in our stance against racism and discrimination. As a team, we respect and encourage each other, as individuals, to educate ourselves and each other on the issues facing people of colour. The awareness raised by professional athletes plays an important role in showing support for this historical issue that still remains within society today. We believe education must be at the forefront of meaningful change.

“As we approach the restart of Rugby, we will take a moment to stand united against racism, discrimination and hatred of any kind. Participation in this moment signals that everyone is in support of an individual’s choice to personally present their stance in a way that they deem appropriate. The individual expression of this support may differ, but the fundamental message is the same. Racism has no place in Rugby, our communities or our world.”

Whilst the message is driven by the players themselves, we stand right by their side in the fight against racism.