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Parent on the impact of the Gloucester Rugby Academy

A few days on from your review, I just wanted to contact you again to thank you enormously for all that Gloucester Rugby has done for my son. He is still feeling sad it has come to an end, but like I said before he has always been refreshingly realistic about not thinking he had a career in professional rugby – he really did just keep coming every week because he enjoyed it so much. He is now super-fit (he’s at the gym as I write). He has a lifelong love for rugby, and he has acquired a massive amount of rugby skills and game awareness from all your training. I think you’re right, it was a great phrase to use ‘he will grow into his body’. There is no doubt whatsoever that my son will continue with rugby, simply because he adores it, so we will just have to see where that takes him. We are looking at universities with strong rugby teams, so any advice you have on that would be most welcome for us.

He told us quite a lot of the things you said during your call the other day, and it was clear you had been very positive with him. I think it actually boosted his self esteem to have you talk about his good attitude and so forth. He was pleased to see you at his School training the other day – I guess you’ll just keep a bit of an eye on him, and see where the next few years take him. In the meantime, he has commented on what a gulf there is in skills and fitness, between those who have been training at Gloucester, and those who haven’t – totally understandably, of course – but it was a useful illustration for him of just how much the Gloucester training has brought him on. So we are all very grateful for the opportunity you gave him.