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Health & Wellbeing

Time For You Counselling


Firstly, I would like to say, well done for taking the first step in your counselling journey or helping your loved ones search for a counsellor.  I set up my own small practice several years ago, in order to offer quicker access to counselling for adults, children and young people.  I wanted to remove the shame and stigma of having counselling and make it accessible for all; young and old.  My business is my passion and continues to strive, as I continue to realise my dreams and fulfil my destiny.  It would be a privilege to share your journey and help you be the 'best version' of yourself.  I believe I have the tools and desire to help you do this.  

Together, we can look at challenging experiences, situations or relationships, as well as the difficult emotions that you might be trying to avoid facing.  If you are disassociating from these difficult feelings, you may be experiencing some anxiety, depression or trauma.  This does not define you, it is simply our bodies way of letting us know things are not quite right.  I can help you understand your feelings, give you some coping strategies and work with you as you become proactive and develop high trust in yourself and in healthy relationships with others. 

Sometimes we do not possess enough resilience to cope with challenging life events but by sitting or walking alongside someone, who will accept you and provide empathy and compassion, we can look at ways of re-building this, to help you overcome feelings that may feel overwhelming at the moment.  Shifting your energy will help you create satisfying relationships with yourself and others and in life!

If anything I have said, resonates with you; I would encourage you to browse through my website to find out more about me and how I work.  There are lots of different types of counsellors and psychotherapists out there so it is really important that you find the right person for you; someone that you can relate to and you feel comfortable with.  Read through the next section About Therapy and the Different Types of Therapy which will help you make an informed decision. 

After you have made contact with me, I will arrange an initial, free telephone consultation, where I can answer any questions or concerns you may have.  I will ask to take a few details during this conversation with a view to arranging an appointment at the end of this call.  We can meet face-to face in Therapy in Nature or online via zoom, Facetime or telephone; whichever you feel comfortable with.  Or, if you prefer, we can do a combination.