The Gloucester Rugby Community Team
The Gloucester Rugby Community Team (c) Martin Bennett/ Gloucester Rugby

The Gloucester Rugby Community Charity holds the mission statement to change the lives of people through rugby, and is focussed around four key areas, with our work aiming to encourage action with being healthy, being active, being smart and being included.

Firstly, the Charity aims to tackle health issues by promoting a healthy lifestyle and addressing childhood obesity as an issue affecting Gloucestershire.

Secondly, by encouraging people to get active and participate in rugby and sports is seen as a key aspect of our work, irrespective of perceived barriers to participation.

With a new classroom created at Kingsholm Stadium, there is a real focus on education, whilst improving skills and employability are key issues within the county.

And a fourth key area looked at is inclusion, with Gloucester as a city and county that is rich with diversity, it is vital to ensure that we live and work harmoniously together and everyone feels included.

These four key areas are just a taster of the mission statements and targets set out by us, as the Gloucester Rugby Community Charity, and you can find out more about the team, our programmes and the latest news across our work in Gloucestershire.

The website has been put together thanks to local business Brobuild and is now live at the following address –