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School Partnerships

At Gloucester Rugby, we are passionate about sharing the spirit of rugby and broadening the Cherry and White family. To do this, we work with schools to help develop communities that support their young people to become better versions of themselves. The work we do isn’t just about helping people in the here and now, it’s also about setting people up for future success, as well as providing more opportunities to be a part of a world class rugby family.

We understand the challenges schools face in supporting the development of young people. Because of this, our partnerships are bespoke, designed to support the needs of the schools we work with. The work we do is also delivered by our team of professional coaches, who bring with them the expertise a world class rugby club like Gloucester Rugby can provide.

Here are some examples of what our Community team do with schools in our area:


Tag Rugby Coaching

Tag Rugby sessions offer a great fun introduction and consist of the basic tactical and technical elements and help towards developing an understanding of the full game of rugby. We can offer pre-school breakfast, lunchtime and after school clubs or can run sessions during curriculum time, which may assist with covering teachers PPA time.

Rugby Development

Many secondary schools offer rugby as part of their curriculum delivery. Gloucester Rugby is keen to work with PE specialists to provide extra rugby sessions, or to work together to assist with the development of young players. This may include skill-specific or team-based coaching sessions that offer professional and innovative coaching for your school.

Character Development

Gloucester Rugby is passionate about using its unique expertise to support the holistic development of young people. We can offer classroom and practical sessions designed to help inspire, challenge, and encourage young people to learn about critical life skills, such as resilience, team-building and problem-solving.

Get Involved

If you think your school would benefit from working with Gloucester Rugby, please contact: [email protected]