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5 Ways to Wellbeing

The Gloucester Rugby Foundation has developed an exciting Health and Wellbeing workshop based around the ‘5 ways to well-being.’

The programme is aimed at making children aware of their own physical and mental well-being with links to leading an active lifestyle.

It is aimed at a group of 15 pupils and will engage them through thought provoking and engaging activities. Delivering the workshop as a whole class initiative can also be negotiated. Each session includes a ‘be active’ skills session within the allocated workshop.

The ‘5 ways to well-being’ philosophy links in with the new PiNK curriculum and has strong ties with the current PSCHE scheme of work in Gloucestershire.

The workshop will highlight the ‘5 ways’ for children to consider and apply into their everyday lives:

Be Active
Take Notice

In this 6 week course; the 5 ways to well-being content is covered and enables to participants to have the confidence to assist with & boost morale and general well-being for themselves and in their school.

Pupils will develop in-depth understanding of the ‘5 ways to well-being’ and the importance of how adherence to these principles will improve emotional, physical and mental well-being.

The attendees will gain tools and strategies to be in a pool of pupils to be a position of authority for a well-being school initiative as an ambassador/leader; as well as the skills to be able intervene & perform basic conflict resolution, improve behaviour and be a positive role model to their peers.

Age bracket/Target audience: Mixed age groups. Primarily years 5 & 6 / 7 & 8

Venue: Varied (Primary and Secondary Schools in Gloucestershire)

Delivery: Varied

Time: Varied