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We understand that now, more than ever, we need to prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people, in order to equip them to be able to respond to challenges with strength, resilience and confidence.

The core objective of the Engage programme is to develop young peoples’ confidence and motivation to learn, while taking into account the significant impact the Coronavirus Pandemic may have had in their lives.

Some children and young people will have really struggled with the Coronavirus outbreak keeping them at home and away from friends. Others may be coming to terms with family problems, bereavement or changes to their living situation.

The Engage workshops will explore the above, as well as subjects such as school-based anxiety, problems with bullying and dealing with big changes.

The Engage programme involves a wide range of multi-sensory approaches and a skills-based approach, instilling a sense of fun, enthusiasm and positivity for learning.

Age bracket/Target audience: Mixed age groups: Primarily years 5 & 6 / 7 & 8

Project Pillar: Wellbeing

Project Objectives:

Gloucester Rugby’s Foundation Education & Wellbeing team have worked to develop the Engage programme to ensure it addresses the most current of issues, but also incorporates the use of rugby as a tool to enhance learning. Topics which are included within the sessions can be tailored to suit your setting and can include some of the following:

- Mental, physical and emotional health.
- Employability skills / future planning
- Organisation, time management and discipline
- Self-esteem & bullying, behaviour & attitude
- Exam preparation, stress and coping strategies
- Connections & belonging
- Physical activity
- Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic & coping strategies

The activities are concentrated around this central theme intertwined with practical kinaesthetic challenges, asking students to apply and develop their interpersonal skills, thinking skills and other cross-curricular skills.

Students can expect to take part in activities as diverse as physical challenges, problem-solving, logic games, all incorporating fun & engaging tasks.

Venue: Varied (Primary and Secondary Schools in Gloucestershire)

Delivery: Varied

Time: Varied