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The Pathway

The Gloucester Rugby Pathway aims to make better people and better players with a holistic approach which takes education and nutrition into account and doesn’t just focus on the playing side of rugby.

Players that are on the pathway are given a well-rounded education revolving around five key main subjects:

- S and C

- Medical

- Nutrition

- Rugby

- Lifestyle and Education

U14-U16 Foundation Stage

S and C – Physical competency and physical literacy

Medical – General Understanding of medical principles including overtraining and concussion awareness

Nutrition – Diet and Supplement Education including Anti-Doping

Rugby – General game understanding – Exposed to different styles - Development / Winning

Lifestyle and Education – Choices and support

U16-U18 Preparing young players for the professional environment

S and C – Individual athlete development

Medical – Injury Prevention – recovery and regeneration

Nutrition – Develop individual diet and supplement programme. In depth anti-doping advice

Rugby – Position specific and team/game understanding. Exposed to different ways of playing.

Lifestyle and Education – Citizenship/illegal drugs and alcohol education.

The phase of the pathway gives suitable advice to school boys and parents, encourages all players to participate in education or vocational training and ensures all players are provided with programme for personal development. 

U16-U18 Preparing young players for the professional environment

In addition:

- The players across U15-U18 will have to attend one session at the central hub (Hartpury) each week.

- Staff will also visit players when appropriate, at homes and schools during the week.