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The Official Gloucester Rugby Podcast: is presented by Gloucester Rugby players Mark Atkinson and Ed Slater alongside Rugby Commentator Sam Roberts.   The three provide a light-hearted insight into life at Gloucester Rugby alongside chatting about a wide range of subjects from both on and off the Rugby pitch. 

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Ep 1: “This is Exciting” Recorded 3 Jan 2019:

Intro to 1st ever Gloucester Rugby Podcast; Looking back recent matches; Find us a Podcast Name; Dealing with the physical & mental effect of injuries; Top 3 Best Sports Movies.

Ep 2: “Pants, Beards and Bellamy Who” Recorded 13 Jan 2019:

Mark Atkinson, Ed Slater and Sam Roberts discuss a tough night on the pitch against Munster in the Champions Cup, The Rugby Union Writer’s Awards, reveal the new Podcast Name, explore the opportunities of changing their preferred position, play the ‘Keep’ game and discuss the Top 3 Beards! 

Ep 3: “Wingers, Swingers and Zingers” Recorded 27 Jan 2019:

Covering predictions for Six Nations, Ollie Thorley, England cricket legend Matthew Hoggard is on the phone and the trio debate the 3 Sporting Events they wish they had been at.

Ep 4: “Freddie, Naz and Stella” Recorded 12 Feb 2019

For one week only, we’ve swapped Ed for a Fred, as back row Freddie Clarke joins Mark Atkinson and Sam Roberts in Episode Four of The Podding Shed to discuss the Six Nations, coaches, nicknames and catch up with Luke Narraway live from Bordeaux.

Ep 5: “Humphs, Bumps and Comedy Triumphs” Recorded on 25 Feb 2019

A very special guest on The Podding Shed this week, Director of Rugby David Humphreys joins Mark, Ed and Sam to discuss the sporting world, the Six Nations, the Cherry and Whites, and even his favourite Biscuits in ‘Keeps!’. The discussion covers Speed Bumps, Coaching Dynamics and Comedic Performers!

Ep 6: “High Intensity Podcasting Effort – Have We Even Recorded This!” Recorded on 19 Mar 2019

In this week’s episode of The Podding Shed, Mark, Ed and Sam are joined by Gloucester Rugby’s Head of Performance Dan Tobin who talks through his sporting career, his role at the club and takes on a fascinating game of ‘Keeps’. 

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