The New Gloucester Rugby brand

On Tuesday 15 May 2018 at Kingsholm Stadium, Stephen Vaughan, CEO Gloucester Rugby, announced that Gloucester Rugby are re-branding and changing the logo. 

Further details of why the changes are happening and the approach can be found below.

To find out more about the people featured in the film and the rebrand please click We-are-Gloucester-Rugby

A gallery of images from the launch event can be viewed here – Gloucester Rugby launch new logo at VIP Kingsholm Event

The over-riding aim of Gloucester Rugby is to be a highly successful Club which our supporters can be proud of, now and for many years to come. Success on the field and off the field go hand in hand.

In the summer of 2017, Gloucester Rugby commenced an extensive review of the brand including the Gloucester Rugby brand values. The decision to complete this work was fully endorsed by the Board of Directors and we completed a full audit of our current brand which included interviews with staff and players. 

The Gloucester Rugby brand was seen as a key element in terms of the future success of the club and it became clear that the brand had evolved however, there were some omissions that made the brand difficult to work with.  The piece of work looked at the future design of all Gloucester Rugby communications but importantly at the brand values of the Club against the strategy and ambitions for the Club.

It was important that Gloucester Rugby protect and look after its brand for future generations.  It was also important that everyone that works for the Club from management, to players to Gloucester Rugby employees are clear on the importance of the club’s brand, what it means to represent the Club and that they do so in a consistent manner in the future.   


Gloucester Rugby and all who work at the Club are aware of the privilege and their responsibility in protecting and nurturing the club in the present but also for future generations.  Additionally, as social and digital media has grown it was important that Gloucester Rugby further evolves its communications and the brand assets that it requires to ensure the Club has the right tools to market the club in the future. 

No, our name is not changing. Our name remains Gloucester Rugby.

A full audit and research project was undertaken across the Club and this culminated in a review of the current Gloucester Rugby logo alongside all other communication tools.  Following many months of work, it was agreed that changes to the brand including the current Gloucester Rugby logo would be made. 

In terms of how we approached this, firstly we conducted a series of interviews across Gloucester Rugby from our board, to the players and Gloucester Rugby staff and asked them a series of questions on what Gloucester Rugby means to them and what did we need to look at in the future.  We also have spent time listening to our fans on what is important to them and whilst we did not ask our fans directly to select the logo or tell them we were reviewing the brand we asked questions to fan groups on what Gloucester Rugby means to them. The brand work and the logo developed from this.  The output of our brand value work is we now have a very clear picture of how our brand will be portrayed and protected for future generations. 

During the process of looking at our brand values and brand tools, it became clear that our current logo is not fit for purpose going forward. The logo was first changed when the main stand (Mira Showers Stand) was completed in 2007. It had been until then the original Gloucester city crest, but was changed to a hybrid of the city crest with some rugby references added in. The result is a logo that doesn’t do either job: it isn’t the City crest and it doesn’t have any real identity or stand out from the crowd amongst its peer group. It is essentially a bit of a halfway house and is not easy to use commercially or digitally. Importantly, it didn’t engender any particular emotion in the groups that we spoke to. We have decided that now is the right time to make a change.

Of course.  We know it’s impossible for everyone to like the new logo and what we are doing. We would have liked to get everyone’s feedback and input but as I am sure people will appreciate this simply is not practical and possible.  However, we would like to state a great amount of thought, care, respect and work has gone into this and the club believe what has been developed will provide Gloucester Rugby with the right tools for the future.  

The Lion is a symbol that has been part of the Gloucester Rugby logo for some time.  The Lion is a symbol that is on the Gloucester City crest, the original badge Gloucester Rugby used before we had to develop a new logo in 2007 as we could not trademark the city crest.  Those familiar will also know we have a bar just behind “The Shed”, called the Lion’s Den (the only original standing building on the Kingsholm site) and our mascot is a Lion called Kingsley so there has been a link with Lions for many years.  However, as already stated we are not changing our name – we remain Gloucester Rugby.

From 15 May 2018, the logo will be gradually integrated across Gloucester Rugby communications over the summer of 2018.  The intention is to feature the logo across Kingsholm Stadium and the majority of our communications by the start of the 2018/2019 season.  However, we recognise that the current logo is present in many places so we are realistic that the old logo will still be featured in some places and we do not expect our partners to change everything overnight.  We are also of course extremely proud of our history and heritage so the previous logos will remain present in all our historical imagery.  However, any new communications from this point forward will now be developed with our new logo and brand assets.

Yes, there will be a new membership card for all Members that have renewed or sign up for the upcoming season (2018-19) that will feature the new logo.  The new membership cards for next season will be sent to Club Members this summer like we normally do.