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International Women's Day | Karen Harrington

Karen Harrington | Senior Squad Administrator 

On International Women’s Day, Gloucester Rugby sat down with some of the women behind the badge to learn more about them and their roles within the club.

Let’s start with how you arrived at Gloucester Rugby, you started in reception and then moved into the playing department?

"I'd been looking after my disabled daughter for quite a few years until she was in supportive living, so it was a big change for me to go from looking after her, and a part time sort of working at home job to working at Gloucester Rugby. It was a temporary position to start and then I was taken on full time. It was appealing for me to go into the leisure industry, I like running and keeping fit, so it appealed for me to work for a sporting company.

"I moved over to work in the playing department over in Hartpury, and I was living in Hartpury, so it was a dream come true! I enjoyed both aspects of it really, with reception I got to see Kingsholm and with my role now as Senior Squad Administrator I get to be involved with the playing department."

What does your role involve as the Senior Squad Administrator?

"It’s so varied, but busy running up to a home game for me, I have to sort all the tickets for the players families, it’s around over 200 tickets, and you can imagine it's quite a lot of change each game and sometimes they’re in very high demand!

"I also do all the admin for the matchday player appearances, is quite a big part of my job. I feel that sometimes the players hide from me because they know I’m coming to ask them something!

"I help to look after players when they start. Setting up their employment details with HR and then if we have international players coming in, I set up the general admin and help them sometimes find schools for the children, so it’s really varied!"

You call yourself the Mother Hen, I guess you’ve explained why!

"My favourite part of the job is being amongst the players and helping them with what I can. It’s nice to see them all settle in, and I really enjoy watching the games now because I know all the players and it’s lovely to see them achieve what they can.

"It’s great, there’s a lot of camaraderie within the squad, lots of banter and it’s just great to see the playing group getting on so well. It’s probably my favourite part of the job."

What is it like being a woman in a male dominated sport? Would you encourage women to go into the industry?

"Being one of the few females in the playing department doesn’t bother me at all. There’s a nice group and all the players are always welcoming, so if anyone wanted to go into the industry, I’d say go for it, enjoy it! It’s a nice environment to be in."

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