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Junior Reporters Coverage of Our Wasps Game

Our game against Wasps saw two of our Junior Reporter Competition winners take centre stage and experience a matchday as a reporter at Kingsholm. 

Emilia and Harry each gave their perspective on Gloucester's loss to Wasps on Saturday afternoon. See how they got on in their match reports below. 

Emilia's match report

Gloucester rugby stepped back and lost 21-27 to Wasps, on Saturday 2 April 2022. It was a very tight and close game leading up to the end.


What happened?


A tight and tense start released the game, giving Gloucester time and potential to gain their confidence and stand their ground on the pitch. Left Flanker, Jordy Reid came charging with power forming a strong battling attack from Gloucester and contributing to hard hitting tackles, covering as much land on the pitch as he can. To be the first player on the pitch taking the hits and trying to crack through Wasps built defence line. This built tension from the crowd as the two teams strongly worked back and forth with endless attack and defence from Gloucester Rugby and Wasps. Who were sharing tight and close characteristics of game play.


However, Wasps gave Gloucester a penalty kick- 11 minutes into the first half. This happened from a no release from a tackle made by Wasps. Adam Hastings, Fly Half honourably took this kick and scored. This made the Gloucester crowd rage with support and happiness. Whilst the players ran back to reset in their positions.

But, as the first half progressed Hooker, Jack Singleton, and Hooker Gabriel Oghre from Wasps gained yellow cards for their teams. This happened by the two players standing up in the scrum when they already had their warning not to stand up.


Gloucester then had the opportunity to have a penalty kick 36 minutes into the first half. Adam Hastings again took this kick with pride for Gloucester.

Victory led Gloucester to 6-0 in the first half with fans piercing the crowd with joyous screams as Gloucester stood their ground and took the lead.


A powerful open to the second half at just 4 minutes Wasps’ Full back, Jacob Umaga scored an intercepted try from Gloucester’s intercepted kick and placed the ball over the line. This gave Gloucester the mindset to fight back with fire and aggression. However, Wasps had the potential and scored another try from battling a strong Maul from both teams over the try line.

However, this meant Gloucester still wanted to carry their pride, determination and resilience until the end of the match. This then gave Kyle Moyle, full back from Gloucester, the opportunity to catch a kick from Wasps, sprinting through a gap in the defence, to suddenly scoring Gloucester’s first try of the game at 53 minutes. This made the score go up to 14-14.

But, Wasps took over the ball pacing it down to the try line when Gloucester’s Left Wing, Louis Rees- Zammit fails an attempt of interception from Wasps ball at 65 minutes into the game, leaving the pitch for 10 minutes with a yellow card. His hard work and determination was applauded throughout the game. This left Gloucester with 14 players which lead to vulnerability, whilst wasps built their defence with still 15 players

going. Wasps won the Maul which lead them to scoring another try from Charlie Atkinson, Fly Half.

Therefore, this wasn’t the sign for Gloucester to give up. Gloucester scored a penalty try as Matthew Carley, the referee of the game pulls out another yellow card for Wasps. This led the score to 21-21 as Gloucester and Wasps score the points from the conversion kicks after the try’s.

However, Dan Robson, Scrum half from Wasps scores a drop kick goal leading the ball straight down the middle of the pitch, at just 73 minutes into the game. At just 2 minutes until the end of the second half Gloucester perform a no release tackle giving Wasps a penalty try. This then gave Wasps the advantage of winning a line out in the very last minute and kicked the ball out to end the game on 21-27. Gloucester performed their very best and worked strongly as a team.

Harry's Match Report

Gloucester’s hope of another win this season was high when Wasps travelled to Kingsholm last Saturday, Wasps only winning 1 of their last 4 games so they’ll be looking for the 4 points, and earlier in the season Gloucester narrowly beat Wasps at their own turf, so going into this game, Gloucester are the favourites.

The game started off in Gloucester's favour, getting a penalty and deciding to kick to touch into the opposing 22. They fought in the 22 putting non-stop pressure on Wasps, eventually getting a penalty, which Hasting kicked over with ease. Shortly after that, Wasps got on the counterattack but that was swiftly shut down by Gloucester, and they got another penalty.

Wasps gave a lot of penalties away at the start of the game, showing that they may need to work on their discipline. Gloucester then got a scrum in a dangerous position, but Wasps had a mighty defence and got a penalty. Wasps then in the 32nd minute broke the Gloucester defence to score in the corner, but the was disallowed by the officials because of offside the game still at 3-0, a shame to see because it was such a strong attack.

A peculiar moment happened in the 34th minute, where both hookers were sent off in a scrum because of a lack of discipline. Jack singleton and Gabriel Oghre were sent off minutes before half time. It's key to add that in the first half both teams had a very strong defence in their own 22. Gloucester at the end of the first half got another penalty and was kicked over by Hastings in the 36th minute. That ended the half for Gloucester 6-0 Wasps.

Gloucester started off strong again with some good chances in the opponent’s half, but that then was soon shut down when Carreras tried to chip one of the Wasps players, they blocked it and picked up the ball to score, around a 60 metre run for Jacob Umaga, converted by Gopperth to make it 6-7 to Wasps. Shortly after Wasps had a very strong driving maul from the lineout on the 5-metre line, then the hooker of Gabriel Oghre scoring, a poor defensive effort from Gloucester which cost them 7 points. But with an amazing bit of skill from Kyle Moyle, he kicked and chased the ball in his own half, caught it and scored from it, definitely a contender for try of the week! Making it 11-14 to Wasps. A kick to the posts shortly after from Adam Hastings to level the scores 14-14.

Around 10 minutes after a very poor mistake from Louis Rees-Zammit to see him getting a yellow card for a deliberate knock-on, making Gloucester deal with a high-pressure driving maul on the 5-metre line with 14 men. Eventually Wasps score from it and convert it, making the score 14-21 to Wasps. Soon after Gloucester are putting pressure on the opponents 5 metre line, from a driving maul, then getting a penalty try and a yellow card for Dan Frost in the 72nd minute. Making the score equal with 7 minutes to go. Gloucester soon after had a goal line drop out which goes straight into the hands of Dan Robson, who makes an amazing drop goal from 40 metres out to make it 21-24 with only a couple minutes left on the clock. Wasps got another penalty which is kicked over, at this point the time has run out and Gloucester get kick off. Gloucester then go a penalty straight off the restart which is kicked into touch to the 5 metre line, but unfortunately Wasps regain possession from the lineout which ends the game: Gloucester 21-27 Wasps. Overall Gloucester were quite unlucky, and they were definitely the more disciplined side, but congratulations to Wasps!

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