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Lance Bradley | Facebook Live

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Facebook Live session on Tuesday. We’ve had lots of feedback saying how much you enjoyed it, and we enjoyed it too.

If you missed it, you can view it below. 

We tried to cover as many questions as we could, but there were a few that we couldn’t get to. So please find my answers to those questions. Written answers aren’t always as clear as spoken ones, so do please feel free to come back with additional comments if you’re not sure what I meant.

Thank you


Further Questions

  • + Why are we putting up with empty seats and high prices, surely better to bring prices down and fill the ground?

    1. Although we take every step we can to make people feel Covid-safe in our stadium, we know that some people do not feel comfortable yet in large crowds. We also know that having had 18 months with no live rugby, some people have got used to not coming to games any more. Incidentally, we have asked fans to wear masks while in indoor and crowded areas of Kingsholm, and this may well help more people feeling comfortable in large crowds again.
    2. Crowds in the UK are generally down post-Covid by between 5-30%.  This is not only across Premiership Rugby clubs but also with most outside sporting events. Gloucester Rugby crowds are down around 15% on a like for like basis versus previous seasons, although the crowd at our game on Friday against Exeter will be our biggest of the season so far.
    3. Our seat prices are similar to what they were in 18/19 season. For an adult ticket to a typical game, the Speedy Skips Terrace is £3.50 more expensive, the Compeed Shed is £0.50 more expensive, the Stowford Press Stand is £3.50 cheaper and the Malvern Tyres Stand (silver seating) is £1.50 cheaper.
    4. It is also important to compare our prices to other Premiership Clubs. Our cheapest ticket is £3.00 more than at Worcester Warriors, £10.00 cheaper than at Bath and £12.00 cheaper than at Northampton Saints.
    5. Like other clubs, we have occasional promotions on ticket prices. Adult tickets for our forthcoming Premiership Cup games against Bath and Exeter start at £14.00, and for our European Challenge Cup game against Benetton they start at £21.50.
  • + You previously started to host armed forces matches- ie army v RAF is that something you are looking to continue in support of our armed troops?

    Tickets for UK Armed Forces RFC vs Rugby for Heroes Barbarians are on sale on our website now. We will shortly be announcing other games taking place later in the season, including Army vs RAF.

  • + With the recent changes in shirt design would the club consider doing a shirt with all the local clubs ingrained in the shirt I.e. Hucclecote, Spartans, Bream, Dursley etc

    That’s a nice idea. We have a wall in the Stowford Clubhouse where we recognise various local clubs, so this would be a good extension of that. We’re about to announce a competition where we seek input from fans on our shirt designs for next season. By all means propose this idea.

  • + Can you lower the height limit for the front bar in the shed or give kids priority?

    I’m not sure how we would police a lower height restriction at the front of The Shed, but happy to listen to ideas on that subject.

    One other thing we have done is to reduce not only adult prices in the Stowford Press Stand by £3.50, but junior prices also, by £1.50. This means that an adult ticket in the Stowford Press Stand is £4 more than for one in the Shed, while a junior ticket is the same price in both. This is to make it more affordable for families to sit in that stand, rather than standing on one of the terraces. I know that may not suit everyone, but it will give families better choice, and the option of being seated and keeping dry.

  • + I think the member of the board or management need to spend a whole match with the fans in different parts of the ground to find out what is the experience I am in 1873 and it is not good and getting worse

    • For this season we are offering 1873 Club Members complimentary canapes in the Abbey Lounge pre-match, as well as a wider range of drinks behind the bars. For those who dine in 1873 we have brought the catering in-house, where the food is now prepared by our Performance Chef, Will Carvalho. We also have hostesses on the door to meet and greet 1873 Club members. The match seating arrangements are unchanged.
    • We have been restricted by Covid regulations, which has meant that we have not been able to bring players into the lounge post-match as had previously been the norm, but this will be reinstated as soon as those regulations are relaxed.
    • We are aware of the specific issues we had on our first game which resulted in problems with our tills.
    • I’m very concerned to hear that you feel the experience is getting worse, and would be grateful if you would provide specific details.
  • + Would Gloucester Rugby consider demonstrating their commitment to this young coaching team by intermittently bringing coaches with greater experience in to offer mentorship/feedback/advice on training methods/practices at the club?

    We don’t comment on specific actions we’re taking to support our coaching team (and everyone else within the Club), but I can assure you that everyone is given the support they need, including in the areas you’ve mentioned.

  • + Disabled parking needs to be looked into as a matter of priority….maybe some local residents can be approached?

    • Being in the city centre means that, unfortunately, we have a limited amount of parking available overall. We do have disabled parking spaces, but they’re currently booked up on a seasonal basis.
    • I’m not sure how a scheme involving local residents would work, but would be happy to listen to practical ideas on this.
  • + Are the club considering selling naming rights/sponsorship for both the training facility and the main stadium either from one company or a company for each?

    We’re always looking for business partners who would be interested in working with us, and have a range of sponsorship packages available.

  • + Why were the tall tables and stools removed also the shelf on the back wall . As a disabled supporter, I new have to lean on a bin while having a drink pre kick off.

    Whilst renovation work was being completed, the shelf was removed, but has since been reinstated. 

  • + With my credit held by the club am I able to spend same at the club shop/by tickets for selected games?

    Please would you direct specific individual questions to [email protected] and we can help accordingly. 

  • + I paid £25 for a child’s ticket for last Saturdays game which I thought was outrageous. A few weeks before it was £10 which is more than acceptable. In a time when we need to be encouraging people to come especially youngsters, why was the price so high?

    The price you are quoting is for a junior to sit in the Malvern Tyres Stand. Junior tickets in the Stowford Press Stand were available for £15.

  • + Can my Club Membership be added to my Apple Wallet?

    Yes. This function is now in place. If you log in, and click on your name, this brings you to 'My homepage', open the menu, and under tickets select memberships - here you will see your Club Membership, click see details, and add to Apple Wallet. Please note, if you have requested a physical membership card, you will not be able to add your Club Membership to your wallet. 

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