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Gloucester Rugby open doors of Kingsholm Stadium to the local community on #WorldHomelessDay

Gloucester Rugby open doors of Kingsholm Stadium to the local community on #WorldHomelessDay
As part of our support of #WorldHomelessDay, this week Gloucester Rugby opened the doors of Kingsholm Stadium to the local community, and homeless community in as part of the club’s commitment to supporting those in need, the whole year round.

Gloucester Rugby Community Charity, students in the Gloucester Rugby HITZ programme, and the senior Academy squad all teamed up to provide vital services to the local community in the Lion’s Den bar at Kingsholm Stadium.

With Gloucester Rugby at the heart of the local community, the club have been supporting a pair of local charities for a number of years now, and on this occasion welcomed everyone to Kingsholm for the afternoon, with freshly cooked meals including a very popular Bread and Butter pudding being served.


Members of the Gloucester Rugby Community Charity, HITZ programme and Academy squad have been helping out at Gloucester City Mission and Gloucester Feed The Hungry – two hugely important local charities that run to support the local homeless community, and those in need across Gloucester.

With the sun shining, visitors to Kingsholm picked up a rugby ball alongside the club’s Academy squad, showing their own skillset. The youngsters of the Academy squad then swapped their experiences before spending the night sleeping rough at Gloucester City Mission.


This voluntary work is a key part of the development for the Gloucester Rugby Academy squad, as Academy Performance Manager Kevin Mannion explains.

“We challenge our young players on the pitch, but their development starts away from the field of play, and we want them to have a real appreciation for the fortunate position they find themselves in as aspiring professional sportsmen, and they take every opportunity they can to give back and learn a bit more about the people in their community.

“It can be anything from preparing a warm cup of tea to a conversation about their day, but it is something as a club we are really committed to supporting.”

Check the club website on Monday for the next challenge laid down to the Gloucester Rugby supporters to help the local charities across the city of Gloucester.